Copies of testimonials from my Linked-In page.

I asked Holger to tutor my son in German, as he needs to study it at school, but does not have *any* facility for languages, nor did he have much interest, as he was very aware of this. In short, a very difficult client.

Holger understood the brief perfectly, and has engaged my son with humour, interesting information, philosophical questions about the different languages, and in other ways to put him at the top of the class, scoring in the 90s every time.

My son’s German teacher (at school) asked me to slow him down – he didn’t need the level of Grammar he’s presenting with for the Intermediate Certificate. We’re now aiming for complete fluency by the time my Son leaves school – way above the norm.

So I can heartily recommend Holger to anyone who needs tutoring in German. He’s made learning German a pleasure in our house. I expect he will be able to adapt to anyone’s requirements, however weak or strong the student. (Brendan M.)


Holger has been working with me as a German Tutor since late 2012. I have found him to be an excellent teacher with a strong teaching method. His lessons are tailor-made and are pitched at the right level for each individual student. Holger encourages attention to detail and perfection while supporting the student to have confidence with the language in a relaxed and friendly way. His insight into “German-isms”, from the outside looking in, makes his lessons thoroughly enjoyable. I would highly recommend Holger to German students at any level seeking to improve their skills. (Lillian O.)


I would like to recommend Holger to everybody who wants to improve (or learn from scratch) German. I can assure you Holger has not only all necessary teaching qualifications, but also a really good approach, a lot of creativity and a good sense of humour. The classes with Holger are very effective and enjoyable, so go for it and viel Spaß! 🙂 (Justyna M.)


Holger is really a good german teacher, very professional and always prepared.
He has lots of experience and a good method.
Under his guide my german has become fluent and it was really a good choice to hire him. (Marco I.)


Holger is a great German teacher, full of passion and commitment. (Magdalena R.)


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