Angelika Davey: The A to Z of Learning German

Angelika Davey’s new book The A to Z of Learning German: 26 ideas to make learning German more exciting and fun! has been released today for the Kindle but also in paperback format.

Angelika is a German tutor from Devizes in England and can be found online on various location. This e.g. is her website and that’s her Facebook page.

I have been in touch with her online for quite some time now and always find her updates very inspiring so was delighted to help supply a foreword for her new book that provides 26 tips to help you with your German studies. Or indeed any language study though some of sample literature or websites she at times provides are of course more geared towards the German learner.

I’d definitely recommend the book. Very important: This is *not* a book to teach you German but a book that will help you with your studies and gives helpful tips on how to approach them and also provides useful resources.

Here’s my foreword:

“I first began chatting with Angelika online six or seven years ago when I first set myself up as a German tutor in Cork (Ireland). I spotted some of her tweets and liked her style and asked her for advice about what I could do help promote my work.

She was a wealth of information and incredibly helpful to assist this stranger who had sent her this request out of the blue.

Since then we have been in regular touch and she has always been an inspiration with her regular blog posts and updates on various social media pages. It’s obvious that she has a passion and a talent for language teaching that you rarely ever come across. Though I never had the pleasure to sit in one of her classes it is clear that her enthusiasm is infectious for all her students.

This A-Z of tips for learning German (or indeed any language) is a wealth of down to Earth and practical tips on how to approach your daily studies. Though organised alphabetically there is actually also a certain chronological order to it beginning with some general tips on how to organise your studies and moving on to some more specialised hints.

Though by now I have developed my own insight into how best to motivate students, I still found interesting nuggets in there that I am planning to share with some of my students. In actual fact the recommendation to when in doubt mumble has already raised a few smiles, followed by the insight that even when certain parts of the German grammar may at first appear overwhelming there are always little hacks around that’ll help you communicate effectively even when you feel you are not 100% there yet.”