Website Translations for B&Bs

b&bApart from German lessons I am also available for German translations of websites and documents. No project too big or small. 

If you need a translation, please contact me for a quote with details of what is required.

One area I am very interested in expanding on is the translation of websites for Irish B&Bs and guest-houses.

I am very passionate about Irish tourism.

Prior to becoming a German Tutor I was Senior Corporate Customer Services Manager for Starwood Hotels & Resorts. Every season I also work as a Tour Guide for German cruise tourists visiting Ireland. I have a very good understanding of the needs of both our foreign visitors as well as those of hotel and guest-house owners and would like to help promote Ireland as a tourist destination.

B&Bs often don’t do enough to promote their businesses abroad.

Whereas most of the large multi-national hotel chains have long established a multi-lingual web presence, most of the smaller properties remain staunchly mono-lingual with only an English language website on offer.

There is this general perception that “everyone speaks English”. Though there is a grain of truth in it – English is mandatory in schools –, not everyone really speaks it fluently and not everyone is comfortable with it. The older the visitor the more rusty their language skills. Given a choice a large number of visitors would favour reading up about their forthcoming stays in their native languages.

Given that at this stage hardly any B&B is available bi-lingually, having a German language web presence is going to give you a competitive advantage.

What are the benefits of a German language website for your B&B?

You promote your property in one of the key markets

Outside of the English speaking countries (US, UK etc), German tourists make up the largest group of visitors to Ireland. They are well travelled and generally have enough income at their disposal to spend it well when in the country. German tourists may be cost conscious but they value good service. And from all visitors to Ireland they generally stay the longest.

For a full overview of the German Market Profile, please visit Tourism Ireland.

You are a market leader

Very few of your competitors currently have a German language website. So if you offer a site that presents your house in German by default you’d have a major competitive advantage over all the others. If German visitors browse through the online offerings they’d be automatically drawn to your website.

Search engines will love you 

Guess what property will feature when potential German visitors enter their German language key words in preparation of an upcoming stay? It is only natural that visitors search for information in their own native language first before possibly switching over to English. You are effectively adding Search Engine Optimization (SEO) to your web presence.

A translation will cost less than you may think

Most of the websites are not all that text heavy and usually feature property description, room rates, menus and general facilities. As such a translation can be done relatively fast.

That means that for a typical B&B the average cost would be somewhere in the region of about two room nights. So if you only attract one single extra German visitor, the translation may have already paid for itself!

(Once I provide the translation, you would then need to host it but given that you already have a web presence, this is relatively pain free and involves just copying the current code and replacing the English text with the German translations.)

In short: Offering a German language option to your website is a very effective, low cost opportunity to attract extra visitors from one of Ireland’s largest markets.

The question is not whether you can afford to do this but whether you can afford not to?

For an example of that type of work, please visit the website for Cloisters B&B in Kinsale.

They have already availed of my services. It is little wonder that they regularly feature as Number 1 in Tripadvisor for that area as it is that kind of forward thinking that also led them to look into a multi-lingual web presence.

Please contact me for any query you may have about this offer.

Looking forward to working with you!

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