Booking a lesson

Please contact me through the form below if you would like to arrange some German lessons.

My general rates are as follows:

One on One tuition – €30/hour
Groups of two students – €25 per student per hour
Groups of three students – €20 per student per hour

Larger groups – Please inquire directly with your requirements to come up with the best options to suit you. If members of the same family (couples, brothers or sisters) would like to avail of group lessons, please also let me know as I may be able reduce the charges in those cases, too. Likewise if you need assistance with translations or essays. Oh, and if you’re not living in my neighborhood but anywhere else in Ireland, Europe or the rest of the world, don’t hesitate to contact me for lessons by Skype.

In all those cases I offer the opportunity to get 5 lessons for the price of 4 if paid in advance, so if you have a group of 3 students and pay in advance you can get 5 lessons for just €80, i.e. effectively an hourly rate per student of just €16.

If you avail of my services I will build the lesson plans according to your individual needs and focus on what you would like to concentrate on and achieve.

I am also available for evening classes and substitute lessons if schools need my assistance.

2 thoughts on “Booking a lesson

  1. Do you give German lessons online? Through Skype, Facebook or other ways? I saw your post about die Heftromane and I would like to learn through an alternative method than the traditional one. What I mean is that I do exercises and try to learn from a textbook, but I feel that something is missing (the interesting facts or smth entertaining).

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