German grinds! Well, does it really?

I was recently approached about the URL of this site. A reader wanted to know what it meant and whether I really believe that German grinds (or even that learning German can grind). Well, of course not!

I am based in Cork, Ireland, and tutor from here. Though in most parts of the English speaking world “grinds” is primarily a verb form with possible pejorative connotations, in Ireland this is also a well known noun that refers to tutoring pupils and preparing them for the junior or leaving certs.

I am not sure where this meaning of the word came from and how come that this definition is only known within Ireland (no wonder I managed to get the domain that easily!), but it appears that one definition of “grind” is also “A student who works or studies excessively.” so that is a likely connection with the Irish definition.

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