Please let me introduce… Peppa Wutz

peppaFollowing up on my recent post on learning German with the help of movies and in particularly silent movies, here’s a little addendum:

One really helpful way to improve your listening and general language skills is to watch children’s shows.

Their language is generally relatively simple, yet includes a large number of important phrases, and the pronunciation of the speakers concise.

And a lot of them are easily available on YouTube. In order to find those just e.g. search for “Peppa Wutz”, the German name for Peppa Pig, and spend the next few hours going from one recommendation to the next.

3 thoughts on “Please let me introduce… Peppa Wutz

  1. I can’t believe I dint even think of this! What a wonderful and adorable idea. I’m trying to get back into speaking German and this is the best way to become reacquainted without feeling overwhelmed. Your blog is awesome!!

  2. I smiled so much watching this! It’s delightful! And also, because I was so happy to be able to follow along with the German. Thank you for the suggestion!

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