I recently came across Popling, a nifty new online application that assists with learning languages as well as other subjects.

The idea is that while some people may find it difficult to devote longer periods of time every day to learning a language, everyone can afford a few seconds here or there. When you download the application you will every once in a while receive a flash card with a term that you will then need to translate and will then learn whether you got this right or wrong. Once you gave the answer you will then continue with your normal work at your computer until sometime later in the day when another flash card with a new term will show up.

For the German version of Popling there are already a large number of possible subjects available on flash cards ranging from learning basic nouns and phrases to food and restaurant vocabulary and even phrases for dealing with problems.

If there is one thing that could be criticised it is that the list of nouns by and large do not include any indication as to what grammatical gender we are dealing with and as I had previously indicated learning the gender of a noun right from the beginning is of the utmost importance. Still, everyone is allowed to upload their own sets of flash cards, so hopefully over time some of those will also be added.

If anyone is using Popling, I would appreciate some comments about it as I have not actually started using it myself.

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